Custom Quik-Pik Programs


What is Custom QUIK-PIK?

  • Our experienced staff can help you create a custom quick-pick list.


  • Custom QUIK-PIK will allow each location in your operations, to know what First Aid & Safety Supplies should be maintained at their locations.


  • A designated person at each location can log into your custom QUIK-PIK checklist to replenish their first aid & safety supplies.


  • Use any laptop computer, tablet or smartphone.


  • Instructions can be added to comply with your requirements.


  • Phone support will be provided for your users.


  • No need for training... we're here to help.


  • Each location can order what's needed.


  • Modify your plan to add or delete products from your custom list, as your requirements evolve.


  • No guesswork


  • Monthly Open account billing available*


We can create one or more lists to meet your needs (for example, warehouse vs. retail locations).


Click below to view a few examples of standard Quik-Pik lists.

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